2-10 minutes

„Vojta In Flux“ is a unique act fusing the newest LED technologies, live video mapping, dance and acrobatics. The main characteristic of this show is a custom-made transportable LED arch of Vojta’s own invention, with 10m of programmed LED lights, interacting with various fully programmable LED equipment used within the dance. Telling a story of a small piece of light growing into a powerful element that guides the dancer and the audience through a universe full of audio-visual illusions, twists, funny and unexpected moments, this show will feel much more like a cinematic experience, rather than a regular light show!

This show comes with or without live video mapping. In the show, logo reveal and video mapping visual stylisation is possible.

Vojta has made pixel poi spinning very popular with his video The Future Is Now that kick-started the whole programmable LED equipment story, and is still today the world’s most viewed poi video ever.


2-10 minutes

Vojta’s regular lightshow features many programmable props, dance, acrobatics, and some light manipulations like in „In Flux“, but without having to set up the LED arch, this show is easily adaptable to any stage and any length. With logo reveal available and other ways of stylisation such as colour themes and costume, this act is suitable for events of many kinds.

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