12-25 minutes

„Vojta in Flux“ is a spellbinding performance, a fusion of the latest LED technologies with magic, comedy, dance, juggling, and object manipulation. At its core is a custom-made transportable LED arch, a creation of mine adorned with 10 meters of programmed LED lights, interacting seamlessly with other fully programmable LED equipment integrated into the dance.

The narrative unfolds around a magician’s audacious attempt to ignite a candle with the power of his mind, inadvertently propelling him into an extraordinary journey. A mere glimmer evolves into a formidable force, guiding him through a universe teeming with audio-visual illusions, surprising twists, and moments of delightful humor. „Influx“ transcends the boundaries of a traditional light show, offering an immersive, cinematic experience.

This show has two versions – the „regular“ version is 10min long and features only LED effects, and fire-inclusive version, see below.

This show features some unique pixel equipment programming. I catapulted pixel poi spinning to popularity through my viral video The Future Is Now which remains the world’s most-viewed Youtube poi video to date.

The 25min long version of Influx

includes fire and special effects, as well as more elements of magic, with self-lighting fire equipment and pyrotechnic effects.

Despite being a solo show, this performance delivers a visually compelling experience comparable to group performances, a culmination of my expertise in fire and lights presented as the ultimate „best of“ showcase.


10-15 minutes

Lumination features programmable props, dance, acrobatics, and light manipulations reminiscent of ‚In Flux,‘ but without the LED arch. This show adapts effortlessly to any stage and length. With logo reveals and other stylization options like color themes and costumes, Lumination suits various events. As with every show I deliver, anticipate amusing unexpected moments, elements of magic, and plenty of movement, juggling, and action.

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