Unique fire experience



The solo show is something I constantly improve, so you can make sure to see the freshest. The show doesn’t only contain lot of fire and explosive effects, as every fire show does these days, but also some elements of magic, programmed lights, lot of acrobatics and juggling, and some special effects that I have learnt to use over the course of my carreer.

The show length is adaptable – it can range from 8 to 25min.



DUO ACT – “DeLight”

Elegant fire duet „DeLight“ is a creation withthe dancer Kristina Zebrova. In this act, we explore creative ways of fire dancing combined with partner acrobatics, classical dance and special effects (customisable). This soft and elegant duet is suitable for both outdoors and indoors events, and in particular for weddings and corporate shows, but it can be incorporated into bigger shows and production, as has been done in the past many times.


GROUP ACT / customised show

Need a bigger show? Not a problem.

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