Unique fire experience



Solo act of Vojta, 8 minutes (can be custom), pyrotechnics can be added for an ultimate finale.

See Vojta’s skill of fire spinning fused with dance and acrobatics in one dynamic performance, performed many times all over the world..



DUO ACT – “DeLight”

Elegant fire duet „DeLight“ is a creation of Vojta and the dancer Kristina Zebrova. In their act, the duo explores new ways of fire dancing combined with partner acrobatics, classical dance and special effects (customisable). This soft and elegant duet is suitable for both outdoors and indoors events, and in particular for weddings and corporate shows, but it can be incorporated into bigger shows and production, as has been done in the past many times.


GROUP ACT / customised show

3 or more people. 5-20 min, epic pyrotechnic finale.

Since Vojta regularly cooperates with many of the best fire dancers, custom made big shows can be created on demand. A number of pre-choreographed acts, lots of pyrotechnics and fireworks and special fire effects in one show. Partially live music is also possible. Number of artists can be customised.

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