Stromboli Retreat

This Summer’s week-long Retreat on the beautiful island of Stromboli combines a full immersion in poi spinning with pristine nature and adventure expeditions. In addition to daily classes & play on a shaded, outdoor stage, we’ll trek up Europe’s most active volcano & discover the nearby Aeolian islands and sail our private catamaran around the beautiful volcanic island of Stromboli.

Daily classes will be dedicated to:
poi spinning techniques and tricks (the difficulty ranges from the basics up to advanced) - see “classes” below

  • - body movement, footwork and basic dance techniques
  • - acrobatics basics (barrel jumps, cartwheels, butterfly jump, aerials, and more)
  • - rhythm practices & rhythm vs. circles
  • - theatrical & dance improvisation games
  • - creating choreographies, the rules of doing performances, working with the audience


The poi week will consist of a 2-3 hour workshop between 9am - 12am every day that will be split into two parts - one dedicated to body movement / acrobatics (optional) / theatrical games and the second one to poi spinning tricks and techniques. Apart from that there will be a short workshop & time for individual questions every day in the afternoon at various places that we’ll visit during our adventure expeditions. Evening playtime will be dedicated to incorporating the technical knowledge learnt during the day into play & performance. As the evening falls at dusk we’ll flow into an impromptu glow & fire jam with music. Classes and the night fire jams will be held on a shaded, outdoor stage with an inspiring view of both the ocean and volcano. This place is called “Parco Parco” and it is the primary venue of the legendary event “Festa del Fuoco di Stromboli”.

Every day afternoon will be a different activity. Here’s some of the most exciting ones:

Sailing the private catamaran to the tiny nearby island called Strombolicchio. This place is perfect for snorkeling and cliff jumping, and the best possible viewpoint on the whole island of Stromboli. After enjoying Strombolicchio we’ll sail on the other side of Stromboli, to the tiny village of Ginostra, and enjoy one of the most beautiful mediterranean sunsets. The most exciting part is, that we will sail along the famous “Sciarra del Fuoco” which is the side of the island where you can see the eruptions and sometimes even lava flowing down to the sea. Eruptions are truly an impressive experience that can’t be seen anywhere else than on Stromboli.

We will take the high-speed Hydrofoil boat and visit the island “Volcano” which is one of the Aeolians, with an incredible crater releasing lots of steam, and an amazing viewpoint on the top of the vulcano, that allows you to see not just all the beautiful Aeolian islands all around you, but even the Europe’s highest and deadliest volcano Etna, with the amazing altitude of 3327m.

Of course part of our adventure will be climbing the vulcan of Stromboli under the professional guidance. You will see something you have never seen before.. Stromboli is Europe’s most active vulcano with eruptions going on every 30-60min. We will observe it from a safe distance. Trekking shoes and all the necessary gear will be rented (rental costs are included in the retreat price). If you prefer to bring your own trekking shoes, please do so.

One of the retreat’s evenings we’ll organise a BBQ with fresh local fish.

Every day from 9am to 12am on shaded outdoor stage

Classes are ideal for both beginners and advanced. The body movement / dancing part of the every day’s workshop won’t be related to the poi spinning level. For the second part the students will be split into diverse groups according to their skills levels. To maximize the retreat’s influence on your skill, make sure you are familiar with the poi basics (including the basic terminology) such as: 3-beat weaves (forward & backwards, windmill, watermill, hip-reels & turns, butterfly (same-time, split-time), buzzsaw. And ideally you should be able to do anti-spin (which is essential for a lot of the poi techniques we will be practicing). If you can’t do some of the moves listed above, don’t worry! I’ll be there to teach you that.

During the poi classes we will be focusing on:

  • - increasing our ability to learn fast by practicing coordination, hand independence
  • - beautifying moves that you already can do (also individually)
  • - explaining, discussing the theory and our understanding of object manipulation (that is similar in moving any prop)
  • - anti-spin based moves (flowers, CAPs, wall plane & wheel plane hybrids and variations, 3D moves, cateyes)
  • - pirouettes, tracers, negative space
  • - under the legs, jumps
  • - hyperloops (orbitals, learning to exit from orbital, infinite hyperloops, looped-turning and plane changes)
  • - wraps (spiral wraps, body wraps)
  • - stalls, transitions between all the moves
  • - advanced butterfly variations
  • - behind the back moves
  • - triple poi and meteor basics (from one handed weaves to one handed anti-spin patterns)

Discover Stromboli

Stromboli is a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the north coast of Sicily, containing the most active volcano in Europe.
Usually there are visible eruptions as shown in the video every 30-60 minutes. The activity may change though.
There might be even a lava flow if we are lucky. Eruptions are visible from many points on the island that are easily accessible.
The island’s population is between 400 and 850 (depends on the time of a year). You will be impressed by the Stromboli’s energy.
Learn more.


Stromboli can be reached by 5 seaports: Milazzo, Messina, Palermo, Napoli and Reggio di Calabria. The closest ports are Milazzo & Messina on Sicily. On the island of Sicily, there are several daily departures from Milazzo, Messina & Palermo.
Flying to Italy / Sicily: On Sicily there are 2 major airports: Catania and Palermo. From both you can get by train in about 2-3hours to both seaports Milazzo & Messina.
You can also fly to Napoli and take a boat from Napoli to Stromboli. There are fewer connections from Napoli than from Sicily, as it is further (around 250km)
We are happy to help you individually with your travel details!


Food is not included in the price. There is kitchen at our resort, so we will be cooking ourselves, or there is a option to have a chef that will cook for us. We’ll discuss the cooking-plan on the meeting the first day of the retreat. Moreover, there are many restaurants on the islands.


There is Fire Staff Retreat happening right after this retreat!

Right after my Fire Poi Dance starts Fire Staff Retreat held by the ex-performer of Cirque du Soleil Srikanta Barefoot. Attending both poi and staff week is recommended to those, that aspire to completely master the art of fire dance. The benefits are numerous even if you are primarily interested in advancing with only staff or poi. Exploring patterns and planes with a second prop will help you to more fully understand and make progress with both props. Also, as many of the movement techniques we’ll be exploring apply to both disciplines, you will have twice the guidance and time to make progress. We offer special discounted price to those that attends both weeks.


  • Price will be about €600 in the pre-sale. We are still finishing details, so the final price will appear here soon!

There will be a special price when attending both Poi and Staff retreats! So consider doing both and becoming a real fire spinning jedi.

Price includes:

  • - 7 nights of accommodation at a private resort
  • - 3-5 hours of workshop daily + time for individual questions
  • - Guided hike trip to the vulcano
  • - Trip on a private catamaran to the Strombolicchio (bring your own snorkel) and to Ginostra (other side of the island)
  • - Fuel for fire jams
  • - Couple liters of good Sicilian wine

Apply for retreat

Exact dates will be confirmed soon, then it will be possible to apply. Stay tuned!