Modern light creation

Solo light dance act

6-10 minutes

Witness Vojta’s years of experience of dancing with lights in one dynamic show. Many different types of LED equipment are used. Most of it is fully programmable - any logos & corporate names can be depicted during the show.

Vojta has made programmable LED poi very popular with his video The Future Is Now that has gone viral, flown around the internet and broadcasted on many TV channels all around the world. It is the most viewed poi spinning video ever...

Light dance duo act

10 minutes

The pre-choreographed light dance duo act is a unique fusion of modern dance, amazing visualisations and acrobatics. Any company names & logos can be depicted in the show.

Light dance group act

3 or more artists, 12 min or more

An ultimate light experience with fully programmable props can really enhance your event. The combination of modern LED technologies, effects, dance choreographies and acrobatics is what this show is all about. Custom shows can be choreographed on request.