Inspiration & Videos

Inspiration & Videos

Let your mind flow

Triple Poi and Jazz

Swinging circles in the 5/4 count. Some 3 poi techniques on my favourite Dave Brubeck's song.

Blast It! | Explosive Fire Performance

Promo video for my new show including some new explosive effects. I really enjoy being surrounded by thousands of sparkles!

Fire Poi at Festa del Fuoco di Stromboli 2016

My poi performance at Stromboli - fire poi improv at a song "Baladistan" by Madboojah. Stromboli is such a great source of inspiration, performing there is always unique experience. Big thanks to everyone who makes Festa the way it is. Especially to Logan Elliot for stage setup, Valerio Massucci for sound, Nicholas Leeland for the fire sculptures, Fiamma Marchione for the video, and to Marina, Silvio, Renzo, Andrea and others from the Festa del Fuoco association... This is also partly a tribute to our dear friends and sources of inspiration and love - Gusti and Linda Farkas who passed away this year... Without them this video wouldn't exist.

A Beautiful Day at Etna

Continuing in the volcano expeditions. There's always a good time to climb an amazing mountain! Did you like it? Go there! It is worth climbing. The power of the nature is so strong. Etna proves it.

Light Dance improv in Russia - Led i Plamya fest | Vojta Stolbenko

Video of my performance at a Russian festival Led i Plamja. Performed with the Visual poi mini and some random double staff that I borrowed there. I was planning to pick up a third staf at the end of my staff piece, but it appeared it has just stopped working! So I ended up improvising even more than I planned. Led i Plamja was a great festival where lot of Russian groups and solo artists performed their art. It was also a competion and I had the honor to be a judge (my first judging experience ever - it's not easy!) I'd like to thank everyone who I met there for great hospitality and very friendly environment. I really enjoyed my time there!

Triple staff juggling & double staff in a church

I accidentally appeared in a beautiful church with no roof in a middle of nowhere. It seemed as a perfect place to throws some staffs high in the air! The church is located somewhere in southern Czech Republic and it's pretty old.

The City of Creation | Prague Circommercial

This is sort of a teaser for Prague and our circus community. It was shot at friend's cafe in the center of Prague, that sadly no longer exist. I used to hang out there all the time. This was my first time editing drone footage that inspired me to buy one of these for myself. It was really fun editing this one. Anyway, as you can see, Prague is a super cool place! Come and hang out with us!'

Heat Therapy | Performance Project - Duo Vojta & Michael

Me and Michael have been working together for years now. This is one of our recent projects, choreographies were created during our hike in Nepal. We had lot of fun exploring new ways of dual choreos with staff and poi and these days we are still performing those choreos at various events in the Czech Republic.

Improvisation Stromboli show

Routines and choreographies are definitely necessary when you want to make a living with your performances. Even if you were really good in improvisation, you don’t feel enough inspired to make your show 100% good every time. But if you do feel inspired, to let yourself flow in a way you don’t do every time might be a good thing to try. Express your current feelings and emotions and audience that are sensitive will definitely feel more “in” your show. This is a video from my performance at Festa del Fuoco di Stromboli, witch is a wonderful event, where lot of inspiration is all around. I even chose the tracks right before the show. It is a psychedelic experience - you don’t think, mindless you react on the music, and express your feelings with your moves.

Spinning poi on active vulcanoes

Active vulcanoes are places with a special energy. You will definitely feel that when you are there. I encourage everyone to visit at least one in your life.

Traveling with flow arts

Again talking about emotions. Every place feels different. And every move you do is different too. Sometimes certain places makes you spin in a different way. I can tell personally that when I am on a beautiful spot that is very inspiring itself, new moves come naturally. Moreover, there are many people that spin. It is a major linkage between you and other spinners. New friendship will be made easily, sometimes long lasting. Travel and spin, and make a video out of it! It will be nice memory for yourself, and inspiration for others.

Playing with the programmable Visual Poi

The future is now! The technology brings new ways of performing with LED toys.

Duo Vojta and Ronan

Me and the amazing Ronan were hanging out together at Festa del Fuoco di Stromboli. It were great moments when we could put our brains together and think about poi moves in a duo. Thank you Ronan for a great time and inspiring collaboration!

Duo Vojta and Nick: Dusk in the Alps

Nick and I were playing around with the Visual Poi

Duo Vojta and Srikanta

The Cirque du Soleil ex-performer Srikanta Barefoot and I have been working together in the past few years. Both of us focus on the body movement and dance-based moves. Here is a video of our choreography with poi!

Partner Poi Duo: The Whirling Parrots

Jana Sosnovcova and I were doing a big partner poi research, and creating this duo for over a year back in 2011-2012. Watch what we created!

More fun with poi spinning & poi filming

This is one of my videos. It all happen spontaneously when having a borrowed Gopro camera just for few minutes.

Fire is one of the most powerful elements. To control it feels like blessing. If you want to learn to spin fire, you need to have a big respect for it - it’s nothing you can actually “control”, you can only “cooperate” with it.

Few words to those aspiring to learn how to spin fire.

Your spinning journey will probably start when you first see someone spinning. I remember very well when I first saw it. I was completely sure it was something designed for me. I immediately started watching youtube videos daily and these various amazing artists out there gave me enough motivation to keep practicing and follow the dream of being a fire spinner one day, and perhaps even do it as my living. So I encourage you, watch the videos that inspires you, imagine it was you spinning it if it makes you feel good, and try to get the feeling of what it must be like. The more enthusiasted you will get the faster you will learn! If you are thinking: “I’ve been practicing for almost a month, and I still suck”! - You don’t. You are only at the beginning of a great journey. Beginnings are always hard. Have a positive attitude to learning, enjoy it, but don’t overdo it. Sometimes certain moves need a time off.

If you have never spun fire before and you are still struggling with basics, take your time to use fire. It’s easy to panic and then you may get hurt. I remember my first spiral wraps with fire.. My fire poi were already wrapping on my hands when I decided that I actually don't want to do it because I'm probably not ready yet. So I got burnt. Take your time to practice without fire, and when you feel ready, burn it up!

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