Unique fire experience

Solo act

Solo act of Vojta, 8 minutes (can be custom), pyrotechnics can be added for an ultimate finale.

See Vojta’s skill of fire spinning fused with dance and acrobatics in one dynamic performance, performed many times all over the world..

Duo act - “Heat Therapy”

10- 12 minutes, pyrotechnics can be added for an ultimate finale. Be mesmorised while watching a unique combination of dance, double spinning techniques and acrobatics. Vojta and Michael have been performing together for over 6 years and have recently choreographed a show called “Heat Therapy”. *Read the story of the name “Heat Therapy” and this choreography below.

(The name “Heat Therapy” comes with a short story: Michael and Vojta went to climb in the Himalayas and they developed their new routine during their ascent up Annapurna. Due to the cold temperatures they found the practicing their routine real heat therapy.)

Group act

3 or more people. 15-20 min, epic pyrotechnic finale. See the ultimate fire show. A number of pre-choreographed acts, lots of pyrotechnics and fireworks and special fire effects in one show. Number of artists can be customised.

Custom show

Do you need a customised show for your event? Do you have a specific theme? We are happy to use our years of experience to create a unique show with a specific style and spirit with any number of performers. We are in cooperation with many professional fire dancers throughout Europe with whom we have created many custom shows in the past.