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All upcoming events are on a new website ! POIRETREAT.COM

Past Events

Poi Workshop in Dubai
April 27-28 / 2017
Roztoc fest
18-20 August 2017
Stromboli Poi Dance Retreat
Stromboli Staff Retreat
Paris Poi & Staffs Workshop

Do you want to learn how to spin poi? Or staffs? Or how to move your body? Or maybe all of it?

We offer workshops for events, festivals, schools, kindergartens or anywhere where is the interest. We teach beginners to advanced, and we focus on developing your spinning skill together with your body movement skills. Introduction to professional dancer’s footwork is part of our workshops every time.

Why to learn how to spin or juggle?

Juggling and spinning enriches your ability of coordination and body control. It sharpens your concentration and ability to focus. Moreover, it’s a portable way of fun, that you can do anywhere anytime. It is relaxing and reliefs your stress. Some studies even proved, that juggling makes you smarter! We are sure that it is true. Most importantly, it is fun. And the progress that comes with the exercises makes you fell happy.

Do you want to learn how to do it, and learn how to have fun with it? We have thought hundreds of workshops and we will be happy to teach you too! Contact us